Wrist Pain

16 May, 2022

Wrist ligaments: How you might injure them and how PT can help you treat them

Ligaments are the fibrous connective tissue inside of your wrist that connect your bones to one another. They help your bones to move as well as help stabilize your joints. Our wrists and hands are made up of many small bones. As a result, there are many ligaments inside the hands that help us to

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13 Sep, 2021

How can physical therapists help you avoid wrist pain with pressure?

How many times do you move your wrist in a day? For most people, it would be hard to count their wrist movements since there are so many. Your wrists move when you turn the wheel when driving. They move when you twist doorknobs, raise a glass to your mouth, and lift objects, and those

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16 Aug, 2021

Three reasons you feel pain when putting pressure on your wrist

There are hundreds of movements you do throughout the day that put pressure on your wrists, but these movements can seem far from commonplace when the pressure they cause is triggering wrist pain.  People who are feeling wrist pain are a part of a fairly large group. A medical survey reveals that 6% of respondents

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6 Jan, 2021

Three common causes of pain on the outside of the wrist

When you think of wrist pain, you might think of carpal tunnel syndrome. While this is a common cause of chronic pain in the wrists, it’s not the only one that can affect you. If you have pain on the outside of your wrist or running along your pinky, it may be related to something

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2 Jun, 2020

Two exercises that can help prevent wrist pain

Most people don’t worry too much about developing wrist pain. However, there are some people who should worry about it — especially those who enjoy playing sports or have a physically demanding job.  Researchers from one study found that on average, 24% of athletes and workers with physically demanding jobs develop wrist pain in the

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7 Nov, 2019

Belle Chasse, LA, residents — what to do about wrist pain that worsens with pressure or bending

From sports-related injuries to arthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain can have a variety of causes. If you are experiencing wrist pain that worsens with pressure or bending and are seeking treatment, it’s important to seek an accurate diagnosis with a qualified professional. The most optimal course of treatment will vary from condition to

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7 Oct, 2019

Treatment in Belle Chasse, LA, if your wrist hurts when you bend it or put pressure on it

A sore wrist after a lot of writing or physical activity is normal, but wrist pain that lasts long and has other symptoms may be a sign of a more serious condition. Do you have wrist pain when you bend or put pressure on your wrist? Learn about some of the common causes of this

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