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Everything you should know before signing up for dry needling near you

June 1st, 2022
Dry Needling Near Me

What exactly is dry needling? Dry needling is a technique that physical therapists use to help reduce pain in muscles that are stiff and sore. The therapist inserts a thin, stainless steel sterile needle directly into the sore muscle. The needle stimulates the muscle and encourages it to spasm, which helps to reduce tension and increase blood flow to the area. Dry needling is performed without the use of any medications; the needle alone is effective enough to produce the desired effect.

Many people confuse dry needling therapy with acupuncture. While the two share some similarities, they are not used to treat the same issues, and they require different training. While acupuncture specialists use needles to promote energy flow throughout the body, dry needling is used by licensed physical therapists to treat pain. 

What can dry needling help to treat?

Dry needling therapy is used by physical therapists to treat a number of issues that cause pain, tension and lack of mobility. Patients typically experience increased mobility immediately after treatment. Pain relief in the treated area is usually felt within 24 hours, with long-lasting pain relief occurring after a few sessions of therapy. Dry needling can be used to treat:

  • Myofascial trigger points.
  • Shoulder impingement injuries.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Temporomandibular pain.
  • Plantar fasciitis. 
  • Tennis elbow and other sports injuries.

Does dry needling therapy hurt?

Using needles to treat pain might sound intimidating to many patients. But dry needling therapy doesn’t actually hurt at all. The pricking sensations caused by the needle are so small that many patients say that they don’t notice them. 

However, patients may experience some muscle soreness in the treated area after therapy. This is caused by the spasms that dry needling therapy produces. While these spasms may make your muscles feel sore for a little while, the muscles will no longer be tight and painful. Once the soreness from dry needling goes away, your muscle pain could be a distant memory.

Where can I turn for dry needling therapy near me?

Rehab Access Physical Therapy offers dry needling at both our Belle Chasse and Gretna, Louisiana, clinics. Rehab Access offers the highest quality of physical therapy services in the southern New Orleans area. Our team of experienced specialists can get you started with a free screening to determine the source of your pain. This will help us determine the best methods of treatment for your individual needs.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.