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How to relieve lower back pain fast

February 7th, 2019
How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

You may be aware that physical therapists can help you figure out how to relieve lower back pain fast. However, you may not be sure how you can ease this pain before your first appointment. Fortunately, there’s a physical therapy team that can help temporarily relieve your pain.

At Rehab Access, our therapists have seen patients get the physical therapy they need since 1999. We offer personalized therapy plans designed to help reduce your back pain and equip you with ways to help prevent it from returning in the future. Check out these tips to help relieve back pain between visits with our physical therapists.

Two home remedies that may temporarily relieve lower back pain fast

Back pain can be triggered by a number of small movements throughout the day. Something as simple as bending down to tie your shoes can result in lower back spasms. And while our physical therapy treatment plans have been shown to help reduce chronic back pain, you may need a hold-over treatment until you can make it into our clinic. Here’s a couple home remedies that may help relieve your lower back pain until you can schedule an appointment with us.

Slow, deliberate stretches

If you are at your home when your back pain hits, there are a number of stretches you can do that have been shown to provide temporary relief. One of the most common stretches is called the reclined pigeon. Lie down on your back and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the ground. Slowly life your right leg to cross your right ankle over your left bended knee. Gently push down on your right knee to stretch your lower back and help relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve. Hold for ten seconds and then switch sides. Repeat as necessary.

Use heat and cold  

Another home remedy our team often recommends for temporary lower back pain relief is heat and cold. The cold from an ice pack can help reduce inflammation and pain from the lower back. If you don’t have an ice pack, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel. IN addition to ice, heat can be helpful for some back issues involving tense muscles. Getting this heat at home is easy with a heating pad or hot water bottle, and it may help to ease your pain until you can get help from us the next day.

Once you make it through the night, our Rehab Access team can help you build a plan for how to relieve your lower back pain fast. Our plans include a variety of evidence-based therapies to target the source of your back pain so that you can find lasting relief.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.