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Neck, shoulder and arm pain with numbness in the fingers — what does it mean?

November 3rd, 2019
Neck Shoulder and Arm Pain With Numbness in Fingers

It is common for patients to experience neck pain that is accompanied by shoulder pain, arm pain and numbness in the fingers. This group of symptoms can range from a relatively mild inconvenience to a debilitating problem that affects nearly every aspect of your life. Everything from driving to work in the morning to getting a good night’s sleep can be disrupted. What’s worse, it can be difficult to identify the source of the symptoms, making it easy to feel confused and hopeless as you seek relief. 

If you are experiencing this group of symptoms, it is extremely important to seek diagnosis and treatment from a qualified health care professional. While in many cases these related issues are caused by nerve compression in the upper spine, there are a range of other potential causes. For most diagnoses, physical therapy is a highly effective form of treatment.

Take some time to read this quick overview we created to help you better understand the specific ways that physical therapy can help with neck, shoulder and arm pain with numbness in the fingers. To learn more or for answers to any of your questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our caring and dedicated team. 

Physical therapy for neck pain and radiating symptoms 

The neck and upper spine are a common source of these types of symptoms due to the high concentration of nerves in this area. Here, the spinal cord travels from the brain out to the extremities, carrying important sensory and motor information to the body. That’s why conditions such as a herniated disc or spinal arthritis can cause radiating symptoms in addition to localized pain when they compress a nerve. 

While physical therapy cannot “cure” these conditions, it can be an extremely effective form of management by accomplishing the following goals: 

  • Strengthening supporting muscles in the neck to relieve pressure on the nerves
  • Increasing range of motion in the neck, shoulders, arms and fingers
  • Using manual therapy and trigger point therapy to relax tense muscles and decrease problems like tingling and numbness
  • Improving posture and alignment through targeted exercises and treatment

Working with your therapist requires trust and communication, which is why it is so important to find a practice that takes a compassionate, patient-centered approach to your treatment. 

Work with the neck pain experts at Rehab Access

When you come to one of our state-of-the-art physical therapy clinics, we’ll work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a custom-tailored treatment plan. Our talented staff has decades of experience in helping patients manage neck pain and related symptoms — and we’re passionate about delivering compassionate care. 

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