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One easy-to-fix reason your back may be in pain after eating

March 14th, 2022
Back Pain After Eating

Have you ever gotten up from a meal only to experience a sudden pain in your lower back that you hadn’t felt before? It may have been the end of a busy day, and you may have worked hard for many hours, so it would make sense that your back might hurt. Many of us might simply laugh it off and make a joke about getting older. After all, back pain is very common, and studies show it is becoming more common each year. However, there actually might be another reason your back is hurting after eating.

Why does my back hurt after I eat?

The key to understanding why your back hurts after you eat is thinking about how you eat. Think about the last time you had a meal. Did you sit down to eat? If you’re feeling back pain after you’ve had a meal, poor posture might be to blame.

Slouching with your shoulders forward and craning your neck while looking down too much are both examples of poor posture. When your posture is incorrect, it places stress on your muscle tissue, your joints and the discs in your back. This can lead to back pain that can grow worse if your poor posture is not corrected. Aside from back pain, joint degeneration, chronic headaches and poor circulation are all problems that can be caused by poor posture.

When we sit down for a meal, many of us fall into the habit of sitting while hunched over our food. Combined with the time we spend hunched in front of a computer or sitting and watching television after we eat, it’s no wonder that we feel back pain after eating.

How can I fix my bad posture?

Let Rehab Access Physical Therapy treat the source of your back pain after eating. Our team of licensed physical therapy specialists are trained to diagnose and treat many common causes of back pain. We can employ a number of methods to treat your back pain, including:

  • Therapeutic exercise.
  • Posture training.
  • Manual therapy techniques.

At Rehab Access Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to the highest standards of care. Request a free screening at one of our clinics, and let one of our specialists determine the best course of physical therapy for you.

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