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Three reasons people are developing lower back pain right now

June 14th, 2021
Reasons for Lower Back Pain

It seems like people just aren’t surprised to develop lower back pain anymore, and there are plenty of reasons for this attitude. 

For one thing, it’s reported that up to 33% of people are experiencing lower back pain at any given time. That translates into nearly 109 million Americans based on current population data. With this many people currently living with lower back pain, it’s not so surprising that we’re a bit resigned to the fact. 

Physical therapists can do a lot for people with lower back pain or who are worried about developing it. They can reveal some common reasons for lower back pain, and they can help people find effective lower back pain treatment, too. 

Three common reasons for lower back pain you’ve developed recently: 

  1. You’re returning to regular workouts — The recent COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected many people’s lives. One way it did so was by making it harder to work out. Even if you continued working out at home, you may not have been able to do the same types of exercise as you did in the gym. Returning to your regular workout routines can put stress on your lower back. In turn, this can lead to aching and pain in this area. 
  1. You’re trying new sports — The pandemic has also pushed people to try new things. Now that restrictions are being lifted and better weather is here, you might be trying a new sport. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try tennis. You might decide to give golf a try. 

However, new sports often require repetitive movements that your lower back may not be used to. It’s important that you ease into a new sport slowly. This can help you avoid issues like lower back pain. 

  1. You’re carrying some extra weight — There is a good reason why phrases like “the COVID 15” are popular right now. Medical surveys reveal that 61% of Americans reported experienced weight gain during the pandemic. If you fall into this category, the weight you’ve gained could be a reason for your lower back pain. 

Rehab Access offers effective lower back pain treatment

No matter what the reasons are for your lower back pain, Rehab Access Physical Therapy can help you address it. Our team offers free screenings that can help pinpoint the cause or causes of your pain. In addition, our physical therapists excel at building therapy plans that are unique to each patient’s needs. These plans are intended to help you: 

  • Reduce pain.
  • Improve flexibility and strength. 
  • Increase your ability to do normal daily activities. 
  • Decrease your risk of future back pain. 

Contact our team today for more information about our back pain treatment services or to schedule your initial appointment.