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Physical therapies for work injuries

April 5th, 2019
physical therapy work injuries

You may think that a physical therapy clinic can’t help you with injuries you got at work. However, that’s not true. In fact, there’s a team that uses many types of physical therapy to treat work injuries.

Our team at Rehab Access has been providing physical therapy services to the towns of Gretna and Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and communities nearby since 1999. During that time, our team has learned some valuable lessons that we use to help you heal injuries as quickly and completely as possible. One of these lessons is that treatment plans should include many types of therapy. In fact, the combination of therapies can help you recover from an injury much more rapidly than one type alone. For this reason, our team wants to help you learn about some types of physical therapy we use for work injuries.

Three types of physical therapy we use for work injuries

One therapy we use is cold therapy. Cold therapy involves placing a source of cold on the site of your injury. This is useful because cold therapy has been shown to help reduce inflammation and swelling. It may also help relieve the pain of an injury.

Heat therapy is another therapy we typically use on people who’ve been injured at work. Heat therapy is often done with a heating pad or hot water bottle, and the heat can help soothe tense muscles and relieve the pain they cause. To perform this therapy, our therapist will place the heat source on the body part in pain.

A third therapy type that can be used for work injuries is therapeutic stretches. Often, injuries to one area of the body cause us to rely more heavily on other parts of it. For instance, people who injure one ankle or knee often place more weight on the opposite ankle or knee. However, this can lead to tense muscles in the heavily used body part.

Also, muscles may build up more tension when holding a body part in an unusual position. One example would be holding your foot off the ground when using crutches for a sprained ankle. Therapeutic stretches can be used to relieve this tension, and may help increase blood flow to the injured area and reduce pain.

While these three therapies are ones we often use with work injuries, there are other therapies we may build into your therapy plan, too. For instance, we may include helpful therapies such as:

Are you ready to find out more about physical therapies that can help your work injury? Rehab Access is ready to help you. Getting our help is easy because you’ll only have to take one step to get started.

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