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Physical therapy near me in Belle Chasse, LA

February 2nd, 2019
Physical Therapy Near Me

Physical therapy has been shown to effectively treat many injuries and medical conditions. Whether these aches and pains are from old sports injuries resurfacing or from new strains or muscle tears, a personalized physical therapy plan can help you find relief.

Our Rehab Access team offers physical therapy services that are second to none in the Belle Chasse area. We work with each patient to diagnose the cause of your chronic pain, and then we use that information coupled with your current lifestyle habits to create a custom physical therapy treatment plan. We will walk with you every step of the way to help you find the pain relief and strength you deserve.

One reason our physical therapy in Belle Chasse, LA is so effective

Our Rehab Access uses evidence-based physical therapy methods. Evidence-based therapies are ones that are backed by years of scientific research and clinical trials. This means that these therapies have proven to be helpful for treating specific injuries or medical conditions. So when we recommend a physical therapy treatment plan for you, we know that it’s been proven to work on patients with similar injuries.

We use evidence-based physical therapy treatments to help relieve the following types of pain:

  •      Neck pain
  •      Back pain
  •      Cervicogenic headaches
  •      Hand and wrist pain
  •      Vertigo
  •      Shoulder conditions
  •      Hip and knee injuries
  •      Foot and ankle pain
  •      Balance and gait conditions
  •      Sports injuries

Evidence-based therapies are the ones you want in your physical therapy plan because they may allow our team to more effectively treat your injury or medical condition. However, there’s one step you’ll need to take in order to get started with one of our therapy plans.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.