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Shortening your recovery time for a sprained ankle — help for patients in Gretna, LA

December 6th, 2019
Shortening Recovery Time for Sprained Ankle

Whether you twisted it while jogging or rolled it on the basketball court, a sprained ankle can take you out of action quickly — and keep you there. Often, people who are recovering from a sprained ankle are among the very active, or worse, they work physical jobs that require standing and moving. In these and other cases, sprained ankle recovery time can become a serious concern. 

The recovery time for a sprained ankle can vary on a case-by-case basis, especially depending on the severity of the injury or whether it’s a recurrence of a previous one. It’s absolutely critical to follow the advice of a medical professional on returning to activity, as trying to rush the recovery process can result in worsening the injury. 

If you’re a Gretna, Louisiana, patient dealing with a sprained ankle, physical therapy can offer a host of benefits, including the potential to safely shorten your recovery time. Rehab Access has an experienced team at our clinic right here in town where we’ve helped many patients get over their sprained ankle and get back into action. 

What to expect when you work with a physical therapist

Since every person has unique body mechanics, posture and structure, a one-size-fits-all approach to physical therapy is never ideal. That is why we’re committed to highly personalized care that starts with a full physical assessment. Our therapists will review your medical history, perform balance, gait and posture tests, administer a hands-on examination of your sprained ankle and discuss your specific symptoms and treatment goals. 

While the primary goal of physical therapy is to improve functioning and decrease the risk of reinjury, an effective program can also potentially shorten your recovery time in the following ways: 

  • Improve strength and stability to take pressure off the ankle
  • Increase blood flow to the area to promote healing
  • Mobilize the joint and soft tissue through manual therapy 

By consistently following your treatment and any lifestyle recommendations from your therapist, it’s possible to find yourself back to a normal activity level in a surprisingly short period of time. However, it’s always important to stay patient and follow the activity guidelines from your therapist or other treatment professionals. 

Sprained ankle treatment you can trust in Gretna, LA

Are you ready to jump-start your recovery for a sprained ankle? Contact our caring and dedicated team today to schedule your initial appointment.