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Should balance training be a part of my daily routine?

July 26th, 2021
Balance Training

Most of us have developed some sort of basic daily routine. We eat, get dressed, brush our teeth, take a shower, and more, and we do so at specific times of the day. Some people may also need to add balance training into their daily routine. 

This type of training is also called balance rehab, and it’s designed to help people improve and restore their balance. Often, balance rehab is presided over by a specially trained physical therapist. 

Physical therapists can also help you learn if you should be doing balance training as part of your daily routine. Additionally, they can help you develop an effective balance rehab plan to meet your needs. 

Three groups of people who may need to do some balance training daily: 

  1. Older people — As we grow older, our bodies start to lose their ability to balance effectively. This is one reason why older adults are so much more likely to fall and injure themselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 25% of adults over 65 fall every year. However, research shows that balance rehab can help reduce falls that cause injuries by 37%. 
  1. People with vestibular disorders — The vestibular system is tasked with helping us keep our balance, but certain vestibular disorders can interfere with this task. Some common vestibular disorders include: 

Anyone dealing with these vestibular conditions may need to do balance rehab to address their symptoms. 

  1. People recovering from joint or muscle injuries — Your joints, muscles and bones are physically responsible for keeping you balanced. Yet they can’t do this job as well when they’re injured. Muscle sprains, cartilage tears and other injuries may make it harder to balance, and this is why recovering from musculoskeletal injuries often involves balance rehab. 

Find effective balance training for your needs at Rehab Access

Want to find balance training that’s going to meet your needs? At Rehab Access Physical Therapy, our physical therapists are primed to help you address your balance issues. We can do a free screening to determine why you’re having difficulty maintaining your balance. In addition, our team can create a personalized balance rehab plan designed to help you take daily steps toward improving your balance. 

Contact our team today for more information about what we can do to help you address balance issues or to schedule an initial appointment.