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Stiff knee pain when bending? Belle Chasse, LA, physical therapists can help

February 7th, 2020
Stiff Knee Pain When Bending

We put so much stress on our knees every day, it’s a small wonder that this area is so prone to issues like pain and stiffness. Whether it’s caused by a sports-related injury, arthritis or any other cause, having a stiff knee that is particularly painful when bending can quickly put you on the sidelines of your own life. 

If you’re in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, and you’re dealing with any type of knee pain, the Rehab Access team can help. We have a clinic right here in town staffed with knowledgeable, caring and experienced therapists. To help you find relief from knee pain and stiffness and regain mobility, we’ll work closely with you to identify the sources of your stiffness and pain to develop an effective treatment plan. 

Steps to knee pain relief with a therapist

Physical therapy is a comprehensive and natural approach to pain and injury relief. Whether it is an acute injury that heals in a short period of time or an age-related condition like arthritis, a therapist can work with you to improve the overall function of your knee and promote long-term health. 

To assess your condition and develop the right treatment plan for you, your therapist will take the following steps:

  • Review your medical and treatment history, including any relevant diagnostic imagery
  • Perform movement tests and a physical examination to assess painful movements 
  • Discuss your symptoms, current activity and treatment goals
  • Establish an initial treatment plan consisting of therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, aquatic therapy and other methods designed to increase stability and flexibility while relieving pain 


It’s important to stay patient and keep a positive attitude. It will typically take some time to see results from physical therapy for knee pain, but by being consistent and persistent you can begin to successfully manage your pain. 

 Find relief from knee pain, right in Belle Chasse

Don’t let knee pain keep you away from your job, your favorite activities and the people you love. Start your journey to relief with the caring team at Rehab Access today. Contact us to schedule your initial appointment at our Belle Chasse clinic.