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The 3 parts of your spinal anatomy that are likely behind your lower back pain

June 2nd, 2022
Spinal Anatomy

Lower back pain affects almost 8% of the population worldwide and also is the number one cause of disability in the world. Back pain is frustrating to deal with, especially if it interferes with the activities you partake in daily. It’s also notoriously difficult to pinpoint, making it harder than the average condition to successfully treat. However, physical therapists are experienced in identifying the different causes of back pain. Here are just a few of the different parts of the spinal anatomy that may be the cause of your lower back pain.

3 parts of the spinal anatomy that can be a source of lower back pain

  • Joint dysfunction — Joint dysfunction can occur in the lower back. When it does occur, it can cause sciatica. Dysfunctional joints, especially if they’re the sacroiliac joints, can put pressure on nerves and cause radiating pain all the way down the lower back through the hips and legs. Another type of joint dysfunction that could cause pain is osteoarthritis, which can be helped with stretches during PT.
  • Herniated disc — A herniated disc in the lumbar region occurs when one of the discs in between the vertebrae in the spinal cord slips through its casing. It often occurs in the lower back region and causes symptoms of pain there too.

Rehab Access can help you identify your pain based on spinal anatomy

At Rehab Access, we’re determined to do our best to help you find pain relief in your lower back. Our physical therapists are specially trained to identify pain in the lower back based on their knowledge of spinal anatomy. During physical therapy sessions, our specialists will identify, address and treat your pain at the source.

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