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What to do about hip pain that occurs while sleeping on either side

September 5th, 2019
Hip Pain While Sleeping on Either Side

While hip pain on one side is more common, especially when caused by injury, it is not unheard of for hip pain to develop on both sides. Known as bilateral hip pain, potential causes can include arthritis and bursitis, among others. A common indicator of this issue is disrupted sleep and hip pain that persists no matter which side you are sleeping on. 

It’s critical to seek medical attention from a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment of bilateral hip pain. By performing a physical examination and ordering diagnostic imagery, your doctor can help you identify the underlying causes of hip pain. Physical therapy can be a highly effective form of treatment for bilateral hip pain and is typically recommended upon diagnosis of any hip condition. 

By learning more about the techniques a physical therapist can use to relieve hip pain, you can give yourself a better chance of achieving your treatment goals and getting back to the quality of life you deserve. 

Addressing sleep-related issues caused by bilateral hip pain 

A physical therapist can review your treatment history, including any relevant doctor’s notes, while also performing an evaluation of your posture and mechanics. You should also come prepared to discuss your specific symptoms and how they are affecting daily activities, including disrupted sleep. 

The goal of physical therapy for hip pain is to reduce pain and increase functioning through the following techniques:

  • Therapeutic exercise to promote strength and stability in the hips
  • Passive stretches to mobilize joints and connective tissue
  • Manual therapies to relax surrounding muscles and stimulate blood flow
  • Trigger point therapy to break up bundles of painful tissue
  • Information and education on lifestyle factors and ergonomics that can improve symptoms 

You can also work with your therapist to develop strategies to get a better night’s sleep, including stretches and therapies that can be performed before bed. 

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