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What to do about neck pain when looking up

November 2nd, 2020
neck pain when looking up

You rely on your neck every day for nearly everything you do. When pain immobilizes it or keeps you from looking in certain directions, it can be difficult to get through the day. Neck pain can affect people in many different ways. One way you may be experiencing neck pain is you only have neck pain when looking up.

Neck pain when looking up can have a wide range of causes. Usually, it’s related to a strain in one of your muscles or tendons, but it could also be the result of arthritis or degenerative disc disease (DDD).

If you have had neck pain when looking up for a while now, you should visit a professional for treatment. 

Treating neck pain when looking up with physical therapy

Physical therapists specialize in a wide range of methods that they can use to help treat your pain and make it easier for you to move your neck again. Every treatment is personalized to your specific circumstances, but generally, you can expect treatment to include:

  • Gentle stretching — Some gentle stretches can help improve the range of motion and flexibility of your muscles in your neck to help reduce strain and pain.
  • Therapeutic exercises — Therapeutic exercises help improve the strength of your muscles, which helps provide support for the spine and head and reduces pressure on the nerves in your spine.
  • Posture adjustment — Poor posture is a common cause of neck pain when looking up. Your physical therapist can assess your posture and guide you through changes that can help reduce and prevent pain.

    Additionally, lack of support while sleeping can put a lot of pressure on your spine. Make sure your pillow provides enough support and keeps your spine in alignment. A pillow that is too big or too small can contribute to your neck pain when looking up.

Visit Rehab Access for neck pain treatment

Home remedies can only do so much for your neck pain. It’s important to visit a health care professionals when home treatments don’t work or if you’re not sure about the severity of your condition.

Our physical therapists at Rehab Access can examine your neck and diagnose the cause of your pain. They can use what they learn from their examination and review of your medical history to develop a personalized treatment routine for reducing and preventing neck pain.

Do you suffer from frequently recurring neck pain when looking up? We are here to help you reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. Contact our team today for more information about neck pain when looking up or to schedule an initial appointment.